Item Details - H7 Xenon Vision Headlight White 100w Halogen Hid Effect Look Headlamp Bulbs 4 x

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H7 Xenon Vision Headlight White 100w Halogen Hid Effect Look Headlamp Bulbs 4 x

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1 Year warranty.

Free UK shipping & same day dispatch on all orders if purchased before 2.30pm.

Colour temperature of up to 8500k diamond white.

H7 white 100w bulbs.

Also known as 499/477 socket.

Can be installed anywhere that takes the above fitting: Headlights (Main or dipped beams), fog lights.

The xenon gas allows the bulbs to run considerably longer than standard halogen bulbs & the blue filter reduces the yellow light emited to produce up to 50% more light to use on the roads.

Plug & play, simply remove your existing bulbs & put these into place*Note, If you have not installed 100w bulbs on this vehicle before, we do advise you replace your wiring loom first to ensure no short circuits occur due to increased wattage. When replacing your bulbs it is strongly advisable to leave the foam protective cover on the bulbs until they are properly installed & then remove before switching your lights on to test them. Moisture from your hands that is transferred to the bulbs will reduce the lifespan and quality of the output of the bulbs. We recommend wearing gloves when replacing your bulbs.

100w bulbs are for off road use only!

All our bulbs are sourced from quality suppliers.

Important notice: The compatibility chart above is for guidance only. Bulb fitments vary and we advise you to check your existing bulb to ensure you are purchasing a direct replacement, this is because there are different types of bulb that fit your vehicle.

*Refer to our FAQ page for any specific detailed product keypoints to reference*